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A B O U T   T H E   N A M E :

For years, I tried to come up with a fitting name for our farm.  One day it clicked when discussing favorite memories from an old farm in Virginia.  The farm was very peaceful and inviting, quiet and simple.  That farm was located in Floyd County.   We are aiming to recreate that farm in a different place and a bit of a different way.

If you come for a visit, you will always notice that our herd of horses and ponies consists of many greys.  I have always been especially fond of the grey horse.   Well, after we came up with our name of "Floyd Woods", we looked up the meaning of "Floyd"... what do you know, it means "grey-haired"!

O U R   C R E W :

Coby Nester | Owner, Head Instructor | Floyd Woods Farm

C O B Y   P A L M E R

Head Instructor / Trainer

I am Coby Nester. I am the head trainer/instructor here at Floyd Woods Farm.  Born with horses running through my veins, I was driven to do anything to just be around them.   Volunteering as a child at a Morgan farm, quickly turned into owning my own horses.  Growing up with four siblings, my parents could not afford the "top-dollar horses".  As a child, I began to learn (the hard way) how to train a horse.  Through trial and lots of error, I somehow managed to have a barn full of five trained horses, with four of them competing successfully in everything from the breed shows to western pleasure to the hunter/jumper circuit.

Continuing to show and spend most of my days in the barn, I somehow started to get a little business, teaching the neighborhood kids to ride, and helping them with their horses who needed a little work.   This also led me to getting different jobs at many different horse farms...teaching, training, and caring for many horses of different breeds and disciplines.  My business continued to grow and grow until I had established myself a large number of students as well as a constant supply of horses in need of training.  Going to college, I got my bachelors degree in psychology which also gave me a new perspective on my training and teaching.  This is absolutely my joy and passion.  I hope to always continue to learn: there is never an end.  It is my pleasure to be able to introduce others into the wonderful world of horses.   Likewise, I enjoy pushing my competitive students to continue working upwards in the show rings.

Miriam Nelson | Instructor | Floyd Woods Farm

M I R I A M   N E L S O N


Miriam is a working student here at Floyd Woods Farm as well as an instructor for the beginner riders.  She has a fantastic personality for dealing with children of all ages; she is very patient and encouraging. 

She is very passionate about building a horse's confidence and schools FWF's horses on a regular basis.

She competes on many different horses, but prefers to show the green horses.  Though competing in all rings, her true love is the jumper ring...wild at heart, it fits her perfectly!!!

O U R   F A V O R I T E S :

T Y L E R   F O R T I E R


R I C K   " S L I M "  S H A R P


K U R T   W E B E R

Equine Chiropractor / Dentist

D R .   L Y N N   F I S H E R 

(Claremont Animal Hospital)


S E R G I O   B E V A C Q U A


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